living the dream


living the dream

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Nicholas Cage Shirt - $7.28

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embracing the last bits of summer.

photographer: godofcum

she is everything

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look at this bodysuit tho


look at this bodysuit tho

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19-year-old Noa on the street in Harajuku with yellow braids, a J’adore Dior sleeveless top, and a Bubbles pleated skirt.


19-year-old Noa on the street in Harajuku with yellow braids, a J’adore Dior sleeveless top, and a Bubbles pleated skirt.

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Hey folks, any boosts or donations would be seriously appreciated.

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Because sometimes when you’re moving out of state, you stumble across a trash bag of silk flowers and feel the need to make a flower crown in the midst of packing 😳

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Street style, NYC.  davidfoxny.tumblr.com


Street style, NYC.  davidfoxny.tumblr.com

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Hallo! It’s time to host another giveaway for you lovelies! This one isn’t as huge as the others, I apologize, but it’s still has some cool things I’m sure you’ll like, right? I’m not good at these introduction thingies, so let’s get started, shall we?


-You can reblog as many times as you want! Don’t spam your followers though.

-Likes count.

-Anyone can enter the giveaway (don’t follow and unfollow after the giveaway please [That’s considered rude y’know])

-There will be only 1 winner for this giveaway.

-Winner will be selected with random.org

-The winner will be announced privately because I know how some of you can get and I don’t wanna be responsible of anyone getting harassed

-Shipping internationally (and yes that means worldwide, ANYWHERE!!). 

-Strictly NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS!!!! Seriously! I will be checking the notes and if I find one, I will block!

-You gotta be at least 16+ or have your parents permission to share your personal info (that being your name, address and Email)

-Please, follow “z-co.tumblr.com/giveaway” for any updates/info about the giveaway or if you have any questions.

-The giveaway ends on December 20th. 

Details about the items under the cut.

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☀💙channeling the last lil bits of warmth and positivity from summer💙☀

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13 Hands

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